Welcome to Bushido Apes

Bushido Apes is a collection of 1/1 hand-drawn pieces which are not only just beautiful NFT art collectibles but serve as access tokens to the Bushido Apes universe and game. Artwork is inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

Join our community today as there could be benefits for early members. The popular Bushido Apes RPG game has moved to Beta phase (alpha was completed this summer) with big plans for 2022 including Bushido Royale, our upcoming generative art drop and our Metaverse plot on Sandbox developed by LandVault.



Bushido Apes launched in June 2021 and Alpha phase was successfully completed in September. 

Chapter 2 (Beta) will start after all samurai heroes find 3 clans and all ninjas are captured. Semi-weekly, there will be organized raids and monster hunts with special loot and prizes along with limited edition artist collabs. Join our Discord for more details. 

Future plans include:  

  • Bushido Royale launch is  coming soon – and it’s a big deal, We’re putting together a large generative art drop with additional species available. 3-4 species – peasants-samurai-gods. 
  • Bushidos in the metaverse! LandVault is developing two plots of land for Bushido Apes in the Sandbox (we’re just a few spaces away from Pranksy). Space includes a palace, a jungle, a peasant village, a waterfall, and reflecting pools.

For questions about game mechanics, please go to our FAQs section.

Who are the Bushido Apes?

Bushido Apes are a collection of unique hand-drawn 1/1 NFT collectibles based on historical art and photos inspired from feudal Japan. Artwork ranges from samurai to peasants to demons, severed heads and gameplay coins.

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The Bushido Ape Foundation gives back to the community through periodic art drops and other campaigns. A community wallet has been established for Bushido Apes and current clan members are able to make suggestions and vote on how the funds will be distributed.

We strive to target notable foundations and charities that are slightly overlooked by typical fundraising efforts.

‘Mountain Tiger’ by Eurion

Our most recent drop, ‘Mountain Tiger’ by Eurion, supports Amazon Watch, an organization that’s dedicated  to protect the Amazon rainforest, defend the rights of indigenous people and address climate change.



Bushido Apes regularly has collab drops featuring established and up-and-coming artists in the NFT space in limited editions. One benefit of joining our Discord community is advance notice of drops to these in-demand pieces. 

Previous editions have included: IMCMPLX (0N1 Force), Dario de Siena (Mindds), Sabet, SickPencil, Alfden, DEXXad, and Yamaroon Studio. The Bushido web comic is an upcoming collab with award-winning illustrator Henric Aryee.


Bushido Apes is the brainchild of artist Fondu3 (Jesse)

The artwork and role-playing game are inspired by his love of board games, samurai movies, video games and Bored Ape Yacht Club for breaking the mold. 

Bushido Apes are run through the generosity and support its art collectors, game players and Discord community members – it’s the friendliest bunch of ninjas, demons and samurai that you’ll ever meet, we promise!

All Bushido Apes artwork is hand-drawn 1/1 and is faithfully recreated from art,  photographs and artifacts from feudal Japan by Jesse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bushido Apes universe entail?

The Bushido Apes universe is comprised of NFT art collectibles; a robust, active, supportive and tight-knit community on Discord; regular narrative-driven, tabletop RPG style events; raffles; community directed charity donations; physical merchandise; collaboration and support of up and coming NFT artists; and more!

What is Bushido?

Bushidō (武士道, “the way of the warrior”) is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. It is the path all Bushido Apes must follow.

How do I join the Bushido Apes Clan?

In order to participate in the game aspect of Bushido Apes, you need to own either a Peasant or Samurai. Ownership of a Samurai or Monster grants you access to Bushido Apes for life.

**please note there are ART only collaborations that are multiple piece usually 50/50 these are not playable in the game you must have a 1/1 Bushido Ape Samurai or monster / hero to play or peasant.

How do I secure a Peasant or Samurai?

There are several paths to ownership of a Peasant or Samurai in the Bushido Ape universe.  

1) Weekly Auctions – Samurai drops are regularly listed as auctions on the Bushido Apes OpenSea marketplace, usually on Friday evenings (EST). Auctions are in WETH.  

2) Exclusive Drops for Clan Members – Owners of Peasants and/or Samurai are given opportunities in a “First to Bid” style drop or raffle where the winner is given the opportunity to purchase the available piece.  

3) Event Raffles or Drops – During select Peasant and Samurai events, participants may be given the opportunity to win a Samurai through a raffle or receive a Samurai as part of the game’s narrative.  

4) Promotion – Some Samurai are given to Peasants who have shown prolonged and clear dedication to the Bushido Code and the Bushido Ape community and are thus promoted to Samurai. This is a difficult, but honorable path.

5) Secondary Marketplace – All Bushido Apes items can be found on the OpenSea marketplace. 

I chose to live the life of a peasant… What do I do?

The peasant life is a hard life, but it is a righteous and honorable path. We like to report on our progress with pictures (MEMES!) typically on Discord.

Our main focus is, unsurprisingly, peasant work. This includes cooking, cleaning, farming, building, greeting travelers and newcomers to our village, and basically attending to every need of first Shogun-sama, second the mighty samurai, and third the village at large. Help out. Be proactive. Be creative.   

Well pretty much just about everything.  And most importantly, have some fun

I am a Samurai. How do I lead the life of a Samurai?

Samurai participate in raids and other adventures on Discord. 

As the Shogun’s most elite warriors, you will drive forward the Shogun’s overall vision and mission, protect the Shogun and the Castle/Village for all attackers and invaders, defeat the Shogun’s enemies, help develop and craft the Bushido Apes universe, be ambassadors to the Bushido Apes Clan, and, of course, hassle the peasants when they are being lazy and not completing the peasantly duties!

I own a Peasant or Samurai. Now what?

If you own a Peasant or Samurai, you should join the Discord and request your role to be updated in the #Role-Verification channel.   Once your role is updated, you will have access to the channels associated with your role.   We recommend you check out the #FAQ, #Road-Map, #Announcements, #Rules, and #Chapter-One-Scrolls channels to learn more about Bushdio Apes!   Additionally, feel free to explore, engage with fellow clan members, ask questions, post memes, join events, and most importantly, have fun! 

For the upcoming BETA chapter, only 25 Samurai will be made available.

When are events typically held?

Events in the Bushido Apes universe are occurring all of the time! While Chapters are active, major narrative events occur nearly every weekend. Samurai drop events occur on a weekly basis, typically on Friday or weekend early evenings, EST.

Outside of narrative events and Samurai drops – regular raffles, giveaway and mini-game events are held on a regular basis.   Announcements of smaller events usually occur the week of the event while larger narrative events are generally announced a week or more in advance. Keep a close eye on the #Announcements channel for more information!  Many of our artist collabs hover around these events.

What state is Bushido Apes currently in?

Bushido Apes is currently in BETA will the opening of Chapter Two. The ALPHA phase was completed in September. 

Semi-weekly, there will be organized raids and monster hunts with special loot and prizes along with limited edition artist collabs. Join our Discord for more details. 

A Web comic series collab will be released throughout Beta.  Two plots of land in the Sandbox have been purchased for Bushido Ape Development (we’re 4 spaces away from Pranksy) and merch is along the way. 

Bushido Royale is the upcoming evolution of Bushido Apes.  Royale is scheduled for Q4 as a 5,000-8,000 generative art drop and additional species available. 3-4 species, peasants-samurai-gods.

Owners of Bushido Apes will be granted OG benefits when Bushido Royale begins.

Do I need to play the game aspect of Bushido Apes?

While Bushido Apes has RPG elements at heart it’s really an NFT collectible.  

Please note that you can buy and enjoy the art without playing the game or sell your art and hopefully make a profit without any hard feelings. Have fun.

What is the Bushido Apes Patreon?

The Bushido Apes Patreon provides members with exclusive sneak-peeks to the creation of content, access to Patreon specific raffles and giveaways, and monthly rewards depending on membership. There are several membership options to choose from.

See Bushido Apes Patreon for further details.

How do I learn more about Bushido Apes?

News typically is announced on our Discord and Twitter before this website.   

New collectors and players can learn more about Bushido Apes by checking out the #Road-Map, #New-Player-Help, and most importantly #Announcements channels on the Discord.   We also encourage those who are curious to hang out in the Discord and talk to current Clan Members!